Are We Digital Merchandise?

Profile or Identity

Does our ‘profile’, our data on the network, define our identity?

For technological giants like Google or Facebook our data is just a source of business. They use all our data for marketing without having any objection to running over fundamental rights such as privacy and security.

The price for Google and Facebook

Have we become digital merchandise?

It looks like it. In fact, we are paying a high price every time we use the network through those big intermediaries. They offer their services, but never for free. We pay by giving them our identity, our data, our privacy and even our security.

Never forget Identity, Data, Privacy and Security are the price we pay for our communications.

Transformación Digital A.001

At this point, is it possible to fix the web?

Fortunately, it is possible, thanks to the Blockchain technology, which brings hope and freedom for the individual in front of the Google World Data System.

Here you have a video that clearly explains why we have to fix this network dominated by the great giants, and why it’s time to welcome Internet 3.0, which will give back the initiative to the users in the way the creators of the web imagined. The Internet brought us so many great things and here you can see how we can fix what went wrong. “Welcome to the new Internet”!

But this time, you, as a user, have a lot to say. There is a large community of brilliant engineers, developers, etc. working with Blockchain technology to free the user from the yoke of these digital giants. Nevertheless, our participation is indispensable for the rebirth of a safer, more democratic and free Internet.

In this new context we will all win, and especially content creators in the network. And for that reason, I am preparing some keynote presentations, which I’ll use for presentations that will take place in Madrid shortly, and which will be addressed especially to creators and users of artistic content on the web.

If you want to receive more information, get in touch,

Georgina García-Mauriño


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