2017-2018 Turning Point

After a summer full of learning experiences, discussions and good meditation times, I came to the conclusion that some changes in my life and work are mandatory if I want to keep following my calling, my lifetime mission to enlighten your life. Therefore I have taken 3 main decisions I want to share:

Decision 1. I have to take care of myself for a more balanced life. I must confess that my passion for my work has made me somehow workaholic and I have abused my physical condition to a dangerous point. This year I will have to take a few health care steps to fix some little problems that have come up lately. Therefore I will have to prioritize certain projects and make choices accordingly.

Decision 2. Mirlo or Max? Such a tough choice for me to do!

Mirlo is all about my past. Here is a video with all our achievements during the past 20 years.  Mirlo helped me grow up to the present point and we still have so many contents we would like to bring to the next generations… there is such a lot to be done to update our stories to make them available in new ways! Nevertheless, I am not a publisher, neither a webmaster nor an app programmer… If you are one or you know someone who could be interested in these contents, please CONTACT and let us know!

On another hand, I share with Max the mission to pass on to the new generations a huge family legacy, which is full of love for Music and the Arts as well as wonderful human experiences. It was also his dear cousin Carmen’s wish and we hope to be able to do so with some help from our families and friends. It’s actually a challenge in today’s changing world, but we hope to adapt to the upcoming internet, Blockchain based and maybe collaborate with new technologies (V.R. and A.I.) which are actual game changers… All this seems overwhelming, but Max is confident that there is something we can do to provide future generations of humans with our best traces, Classical Music, Art, Family Games, etc. So I decided that I shall work with Max… You can have a look at his Facebook Page here if you are interested in getting to know him better.

Decision 3. Mirlo will be Max & Georgy’s postman, a sort of ambassador. He will help us bring our news to our old friends. We hopefully keep on posting on Facebook, but just once a week or so. If you sign in to our newsletter you will also receive our news once a month in your email address. Click on the image if you are ready to sign in… there is a welcoming present waiting for you! 

I am looking forward to hearing from you (please, contact me if you have any further curiosity) and I wish you all the best for the upcoming season!

EN ESPAÑOL: 2017-2018 Tiempo de Cambios. AQUÍ en traducción de Max G. Flat   



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