A new story about our human traces

A few years ago, I was walking up a hill in a village (in Spain) when I heard some Vivaldi’s favorite of mine coming from the open window of an old house. I was with my husband J.M., and there we met a very special lady, Carmen… At that time I was facing a professional crisis and meeting her was life-changing.

Georgina García-Mauriño -ilustradora-Carmen had been living alone in the house for years, and at that time she was looking for a successor to take care of her “treasures”. My husband and I helped her reconnect with her family, and most of them turned to be wonderful people. Everyone had his life elsewhere, but they all became good friends of ours. And, when Carmen shared with me some diaries written by her cousin Max in the early 1950’s, they came as an inspiration, and through them, I could overcome the rough times I was experiencing. Then I met Max, and we started a collaboration…

Max wrote his adventures Under the Music Tree at the age of 15. Today, Max’s adventures Under The Music Tree are just one possible starting point for a wonderful transmedia family saga… 

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Apps, VR, and other media are being considered to invite you to become part of our family. We are on a mission to leave our best human traces in the new upcoming technological era.

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