For the Internet of Value

Because the Internet of Value matters today more than ever…

In these times, I am especially looking forward to sharing  new stories, illustrations, even my old works but in better ways on the Internet.

Until now what you can see here are only small samples, and I am looking forward to putting all my work within your reach. However, for that to be possible – and as affordable to me (in terms of copyrights) as to you (in terms of freeing you from data extraction, unwanted advertising or costly platforms) – we will still have to wait a bit .

As a matter of fact, in these days, a small but great team is laying the foundations for the design of a DApp (Decentralized App) for authors / artists. This will hopefully be the best way to maintain our relationship in the future. I am working in that project with all my energy, and we are about to launch the ‘Landing page’. So, I promise to bring more news about this soon.

If you want to help us by sharing your experience on the net as a user of art content (images, music, reading …), you are more than welcome to answer these few questions.


Would you help us build the Internet of Value?

I give you all and everyone of you a big hug with all of my gratitude for your time, and also with my best wishes so that you can cope as best as possible with your particular situation,


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