A call for Artists on the web 3

Artists who use the Internet professionally!

So far the the tools we, authors and artists, have been using on the Internet 2.0, especially social media like Facebook or video-platforms like YouTube, have been leading the dance, and we have only followed with no other choices.

But, what if another Internet was possible? What if you could connect with your colleagues directly with no surveillance? What if you could showcase your work and make professional deals directly with producers, audiences… The time for creators to take the lead approaches!

To make all this possible I am finally designing my DApp  (a decentralized app) for authors, artists of any field, who want to introduce themselves, communicate with colleagues, work in collaboration or on demand on the upcoming web 3, the new Internet of Value powered by Blockchain technology.

But I want to know from authors/artist themselves how they use the Internet today,  what are their real problems and needs. Would you help me with my research?

If you are an author/ artist, please answer these simple questions. The survey is private and anonymous and should only take a few minutes of your time.

Thank you very much for your time and collaboration!


P. S. This year I am also very busy as a Blockstack ambassador in Madrid. I am looking forward to my upcoming webinar, TAKE BACK THE WEB! Tu identidad descentralizada con Blockstack ID , on February 13.

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