To all those who have been with me this year in so many discoveries and learning experiences.

In fall 2018, I started my journey looking for a blockchain solution for authors full time. For some personal reasons I wasn’t sure whether to start this adventure until a doctor encouraged me and told me that there was no reason I shouldn’t learn to code. He insisted in the fact that my age was no obstacle. My first thanks goes to him and to all those people who don’t make assumptions of any kind. Assumptions, lead to labelling, targeting…, first steps for discrimination. In the field of technology women are still few, in the field of Blockchain seniors are also few… Nothing stoped me from learning about it and getting involved in the journey towards web3. So if you feel tempted, follow your wish and dare…

Then, I took a few courses on the essentials of Blockchain and I also researched on the topic of Intellectual property and online licenses through smart contracts. This led me to discover the great projects which are being built to serve artists and creators. I have to be grateful to all those who are working in this field of blockchain: IP registries and licensing… Some are building great solutions, and they are all such an inspiration!

Moreover, I started attending meet ups and gatherings featuring blockchain technology. I opened my mind to the many other opportunities that his technology was offering to improve our use of the web. And I met wonderful persons that were using blockchain in game-changing projects. I have to be grateful to each of those who have enriched my personal digital transformation.

My solution for authors had got to a point where I could not progress without technical support. At that point my problem was that, after a while looking for the best ecosystem to develop my App I had chosen Blockstack, but in Madrid I couldn’t find a developer ready to build on Blockstack. I recall  and I have to say thanks to those who encouraged me to reach at Blockstack. I have to be really grateful to them.

Not being a technical person, I didn’t feel really confident when approaching Blockstack Community though. So I was surprised by the openness and kind welcoming. I knew the ecosystem and I shared the mission and vision, so I was invited to introduce Blockstack in Madrid. The experience has be extraordinary enriching, and I have to be grateful to those who provided me the opportunity to take part in this wonderful moment of ‘Internet renaissance’ with Blockstack.

Finally, as a Blockstack ambassador I have had the chance to learn a lot while organising MeetUps, presentations and workshops. I have to be grateful to all those who have attended our activities, those who have hosted or help host our events and very specially those in Blockstack who have provided the technical support I needed. It’s been a blessing helping the Blockstack-Madrid community get started. Thank you all!

In the months to come I hope to keep growing, learning, meeting great people and sharing new experiences . There is still a lot to discover and learn, and I am still very curious and hopeful for the future. So I just wish to have health and courage to face the upcoming challenges!

Thank you!

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