What if…

Dear  artist who enriches the web with your artworks,

What if…


… you could register all your artworks online, in a simple and reliable way, securing all your copyrights internationally?

… you could license your artworks and get paid directly by the user?

… you could track the use of your licensed artworks, and be able to claim any misuse?

Creators, writers, artists, musicians, or any digital content creators can find a way to free themselves from many inherited dependencies, and get finally rewarded for their creativity on the Internet of Value. Will you cease this historical opportunity? 


Dear ‘art-user’ who visits the web looking for digital art experiences,

What if…


… you could legally download artworks licensed by your favourite artists?

… you could make derivative works of your own from an artwork you like?

… you could easily get licensed by an artist to display and distribute an artwork you like?

The Internet 3.0 will help us build more meaningful and valuable relationships between creators and users. In the future, technology will provide the means to share our creative experiences online directly. You can wait and see, or take part in this revolution…

Beyond organisations, any artist individually shouldn’t miss this amazing opportunity Blockchain technology provides. Are you ready for this promising Digital Transformation

If your answer is yes, and you want to know more about how the upcoming times on the web can affect authors and end-users, please contact me. I’d love know about your interests… Thank you!

Georgina García-Mauriño

-Linkedin Profile-

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