Digital Transformation beyond business

Digital Transformation is not just a business matter.

Engineers and developers are doing their best to improve our user experience by ‘humanizing’ machines for seamless interaction. But, what about our own evolution as humans? Is our education preparing us to use new technologies thoughtfully? What kind of life will your children have in the automated digital world? Working or even collaborating with robots is part of our progress, and it implies our digital transformation. Such digital transformation is perceived as essential in the business world, but it also concerns our personal lives. Then, why not make it thoughtfully?

human brains vs. Artificial Intelligence

We need to talk about AI… says Gerd Leonhard, and I can’t agree more.


Machines are certainly replacing humans in many tasks, those that are repetitive and boring, those that rely on pure logic and standards… Nevertheless, what makes us human can’t be replaced:  ethics, emotions, and creativity. Human brain functions go far beyond machine logic.

Our human values and emotional systems have been refined for thousands of years.  They have brought us to this moment fuelled by the desire of improving our lives, generation after generation. In this process, our values and emotional systems have also evolved, and have been expressed in everlasting stories through The Arts. The Arts, words, visuals, and music, are the communicative network of a culture where we can all find ourselves. Artworks represent a human legacy of experiences made by purposeful, sensitive, creative and skilled human beings, our artists.

Creativity and EDUCATION.

Today artists can be joined by their audiences and also by other creative minds around the globe. Meanwhile, decentralizing technologies like Blockchain have open the door to easier, faster and more secure communications. Moreover, this new web 3.0 is providing the opportunity for a reliable and fair exchange of anything we value. Therefore, digital Art users and creators can equally benefit. It’s just the perfect time to develop our creativity.

In education, The Arts are a powerful tool to train creativity and help the next generation. To succeed in the digital world, growing with human values, learning how to deal with emotions, and how to use critical thinking, resilience, and creativity, are going to be crucial. So, as we evolve towards a new Internet of Value, it is time to reconsider what is really worth offering future generations in our education systems. Being educated as a machine, for repetitive and boring tasks won’t be as useful as developing resourcefulness and creative skills.

For the next era of human education, recovering The Arts and The Humanities is a must!

Georgina García-Mauriño

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