Fall 2018

As I write these lines, I have just finished setting my new weekly schedule for season 2018-2019 and I feel really positive, as I usually do at this time of the year. In fact, I regularly check my schedule during the year and sometimes I have to update it for improvements, but the strategy is usually set after summer, which provides a little more time for reflection on the whole picture. And this is going to be a year of major changes, including scheduled times for self-care practice, something it was time I did.

The main novelty I want to share though is that I will be devoting most of my time to prepare technically for the upcoming ‘Internet 3.0’. As an author with a calling, I need to find the better ways to deliver my message (this is something I already explained here some time ago). Therefore this year I will be taking several courses in order to offer my new stories/contents through the Blockchain technology. After a while reading and researching on this upcoming technological revolution that is going to change the ways we communicate, I feel that I have some interesting ideas coming up, as well as I am positive that my transmedia story will be better developed on the blockchain instead of feeding this present Internet full of problems of security, authorship property, etc. Many promising Decentralized Applications are being developed at this moment for content creators of all kinds, and there is even a Universal Store for all of them presented by Blockstack last Spring.  I know that this path is a huge bet, but I want to bet for a better future web. Of course, I don’t expect any fast outcome, as I know mass adoption will take long, probably a few years. I just hope to have the chance to make it when the time comes. My strategy is mid-term.

Blockchain opens the door to much direct and safer collaboration and I will bring more information for you to be able to participate with me and even work together in upcoming stories/contents in new ways. Join my contact’s list, and I promise to keep you informed in my monthly NEWSLETTER about this new step of my work and my experience as an author with the new technological times. 

And last but not least, there is one thing that will still keep me coming to my old Facebook profile and pages. This year I will be an ambassador for ANOTHER LOOK AT MUSIC , a project launched by Manuel Gimferrer, a young musician who wants to design New Art Music Experiences.

All the best!

Georgina G. Mauriño

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