Summer 2018, connecting and disconnecting…

In these past weeks, I am taking some time to re-connect with myself, I need to resume a better life balance. I have just turned 56 and the present moment is starting to matter more than ever before.

For many years I have prioritized my mission to enlighten your life with the best music of all times, and many times set apart my self-care… Anyway, as I have lived my work as a calling, I can’t give up, but I will have to take new paths from now on. This reflection is still in progress.

Since I launched in 2005 I have been offering generously lots of materials online for free. I was supposed to build an audience to help sell my books. But this didn’t really pay off as I never got a good deal and never got paid decently by publishers in all these years. The reasons to persevere were always personal, fueled by my calling, and probably mistaken in business terms. Today I just hope some of the children that discovered opera and classical music through my work are still happy to count on the power of music to enlighten their lives. Nevertheless, these times are over now.

The Internet is fortunately changing and this may offer new opportunities to authors like me. Therefore, from now on, I won’t share any new creation without some compensation. My Youtube channel will soon migrate. And, although some of my works will still be offered online for free, to access them I will ask you for your name and email. Unfortunately, I have been deprived of these data which have been falling into the hands of third parties (this is the Facebook case, for example). And this poses dependencies and difficulties to reach my readers in the direct and transparent way that I prefer.

I won’t share any personal details about my work on social media from now on. Up till now, it’s been proved useless to my mission. So there is no point in going on. Therefore, at this moment, after a serious consideration, I am soon going to close my Facebook account, but I am trying to find the proper farewell not to let down any sincere follower.

If you really want to know about what I am up to, you are invited to introduce yourself and subscribe to receive my news, here.

If you are a producer, and you are interested in my new transmedia project and designs, please contact me on LinkedIn.

Now, it’s time for me to take a break, before starting a new season and a new stage in my life.

Wish you all the best!

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