New media for a new world…

Hi dear friends,

As we enter spring, I come this year with a sort of self-renaissance as an author.

As I explained in my post of January, I am just starting to share my new adventure … IN FAMILY,

So far, a basic website is ready for you to have an introduction to the world of Max In Family -in English as well as in Spanish-. This web is intended to provide the information related to our family saga, including videos, educational materials, digital products and other services, which are in progress. So this is, so far, the best place to know about all I am designing to share wonderful music and art experiences with you. So, you are invited to join…

Moreover, there has been a while since I started questioning the Internet and our use of Social Media, and I think this is a good time for me to update my online presence.  As I have been sharing before, I am deeply interested in the upcoming New Internet, blockchain based. I am still researching but I am actually hopeful that I can find there better ways to share quality contents with you in safer and more profitable ways for us all. So please keep tuned!

As I write these lines, you can still visit my Facebook page, with my latest activities. But if you are interested in my following steps, I suggest you contact me here or enter our new house, just asking for your invitation here.

See you there!


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