Welcome 2018!

Hi there!

I am so excited about my plans for 2018!

This January I intend to start sharing with you many wonderful experiences following the lead of Max and his wonderful family. I am actually honored and thrilled to invite you to Max’s family house and introduce you to his relatives and friends on the website we are building now… When I met Max, he made me feel part of his family and soon he became “Uncle Max” to me. I wish you also become part of our family.

In 2018 welcome to “MAX in FAMILY”!

But, before embarking on this new adventure, you may want to know a bit what this is about…


[original post in Spanish here]

WHAT is this about?
“This is the STORY of a family, with all sorts of unique characters, like any family. And like in any other family, they have been sharing MUSIC MEMORIES and all kind of LIFE EXPERIENCES where ART has a special place too. As an author aware of the transformative times we are living, I am ready to help them pass on to the next generation our legacy… will you join us?”
Georgina G.-Mauriño (1962)


WHY could it be for you?
“Because our way of living is changing so fast that we realized we wanted to leave our best human traces for our next generations. As the impact of technology on our daily lives is unstoppable, Max & family intends to recall the HUMAN VALUES and help preserve our ETHICS. The family memories of our best human experiences are here to help our grandchildren in the upcoming era…”Max G.Flat (1940)

HOW shall we embark?
“To share our family story with you, we are now building a WEBSITE to invite you to our old family house and take part in our adventure. Meanwhile, you can visit my grandpa’s page on FACEBOOK (and like it if you want to get to know us better). Grandpa’s childhood diaries “Under the Music Tree” (I) should also be available next April. But, we actually wondered if you’d like to become part of our family and help us in our mission sharing your own family experiences, so we are exploring MANY MORE IDEAS… have a look to our Roadmap.” Martha A.Flat (1998)

If you want to support this new adventure, remember my books are available on Amazon. You can also share my work through your Social Media where you can find Max’s page on Facebook. If you like it, you will start getting to know him better. Furthermore, I am starting offering my contents through other platforms… I’ll come with more news about this soon! 

I bet 2018 is going to be a year full of great surprises!

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