2017 “Good decisions and lessons”

2015 was a year of inspiration, 2016 I finished my year’s report with a “TOP DECISION for 2017: focusing on my Transmedia project full time”.

That purpose has actually been in my mind all year long, and my commitment has not waned… Nevertheless, there have been lots of decisions to make to progress steadily.  I was never trained for “decision making”, and though I have tried to polish that skill, I must confess I still base my decisions on human observation, personal experience, and intuition. I suppose this makes sense for an author. But, as someone told me recently…

“There are no good and bad decisions; there are just good decisions and lessons”

Therefore, I can say that in 2017 some of my decisions were good steps and some others became good lessons on the way, and here I am, ready to share this TOP10 here out loud, just in case it can help someone on his own reflection.


  1. Taking care of personal struggles to be able to really focus. This is a decision necessary and never to delay. I had to face a really painful family problem and I did. It wasn’t easy. In front of what hurts, Identifying, Accepting, Acknowledging and taking Action (IAAA) is crucial to overcoming that situation that pulls you back and prevents you from moving forward. Meditation is a must.
  2. Concentrating on small bits of your work and making them valuable. For me, finishing my transmedia Story and polishing different elements: the world, the characters, etc. It’s the only way for me to get a meaningful whole picture.
  3. Changing the communications strategy by adjusting both media and behavior to long-term purposes. This is not the usual reset but a totally new perspective with my message and my purpose in the center. The upcoming new Internet is also a challenge and fuels my reflection here. A break for thinking, researching, doubting, rethinking… What will be the outcome?.Published Books
  4. Promoting and selling. Digital times have completely changed my job. Selling books, CDs, and videos in the old style demands a lot of work but provide too little incomes. Time for a lesson?
  5. Fixing finances. It’s not easy when you have a son in college and your job is in crisis, but taking this decision made my creativity expand, opening my mind to new opportunities. Giving a try to the new Internet (Blockchain based) might be a good choice if you are a content creator ready to publish.
  6. Preparing to share the silent work. Writing the Production Bible provided me structure and confidence. Now I am starting to feel ready to start looking for supporters and partners…
  7. Following your curiosity and your thirst to learn is such a helpful and joyful decision, whenever you feel lost. On “Sunday laundry mornings” I like listening to TEDtalks and lectures. I also like choosing online courses to fulfill the need of adding, improving or refreshing my skills. Some provided good readings, too. My interest in Human-centered design has provided a better perspective to design the transmedia experience I am building.
  8. Looking for help and support. This is a decision that really pushes me out of my comfort zone. I was educated in self-sufficiency as a core value in life, such a terrible handicap when collaboration times come! I actually need to commit harder to overcome fears and lack of self-confidence. This has to be an honest and real decision not just the expression of a wish. I started in 2017 and you can consider it a vow for 2018.con Max-Verano2013-original
  9. Planning 2018 carefully. I always do, but this time I finally decided to draw an actual Roadmap for “MAX in FAMILY. Let’s see how it goes!
  10. Taking care of your health. I must confess I never felt especially inclined to keep fit. Though I actually have quite healthy habits, now that I am 55, I realize I can’t look aside if I want to keep on working and doing all that I love.

As you can see a few personal decisions have been included here, but this is how it goes for authors. And this is why I’m going to add a final important decision I had to make: forgetting about politics. Due to my personal experience, this was the most logical and reasonable decision. I can’t help despising politics because I have suffered from it. Fortunately, this upcoming New Year is expected to be life-changing in many and hopeful ways and we may progress towards a future where politicians will lose their lead.

I’ll always keep opened to benefit from whatever surprises the new year may bring…  So here I send you my best wishes for an amazing 2018 to come!


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