Georgina & Mirlo’s Christmas Season

At this moment, I am already preparing a few family moments, including a music event at home for the Christmas season. I feel blessed to have a musician son! Because I actually need to get inspired and strong to face a year full of challenges and life changes. I am confident my values and my calling are going keep on fuelling my work, but I truly need that YOU are there.

YOUR SUPPORT is essential to me and I thank you a lot for being by my side!

My calling can be a spark but I am trying to light a torch that can be passed on and bring real light. So, if you think my work deserves your support, please remember most of my books are available on Amazon. 

Moreover, you can also share my work through your Social Media where you can also find me on Facebook. There you can meet me LIVE every Friday to see a little “behind the scenes” of my new projects and the backstories of some of my published titles.

You can like and share some of my videos on YouTube.

Finally, I am starting offering my contents on LBRY and I am really excited about this new platform –decentralized and free-, with no adverts and much more respectful with content creators and users. Actually, next year I am starting to offer my work directly to you using blockchain based platforms for content distribution. I’ll come with more on that in 2018.

Enjoy Christmas season!

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