In 1998, I started working on my first computer at home. Soon I made my first contacts through the Internet…  emails were followed by a website, an online shop, Facebook, YouTube… along the way, apart from my work as an author, my daily life had to adapt to the new technology. Everyone was adopting the Internet as a new way of human communication, exchange, interaction. Today I invite you to ask yourself to me:

WHAT IF the Internet was to be re-born?

WHAT would you keep?

My answer: Connecting and sharing contents with my friends and so many soul mates around the world… Our family meetings on my Ipad… And researching and learning at those wonderful Online courses!

WHAT would you discard?

My answer:  Adverts and propaganda… Commercial and unknown use of my data… the absence of a fair recognition for content creators.

What if you could connect and share peer-to-peer? What if you could use the Internet without adverts? What if our communication through the Internet could be possible with no interested middlemen neither patronizing surveillance? What if you could have real control of what you share? What if you were rewarded for your good contents, your contributions to the web?

What if human transactions could be possible without middlemen? Could this be really possible? A new Internet is coming up based on the Blockchain technology. It’s a new decentralized way of interacting on the web and as an author, I am deeply interested in all its possibilities. Actually, I have been already exploring the opportunities for me as a content creator and I am discovering a whole new world for me, and this not just as an author but also as a simple user and citizen. Here is a video (there are many on YouTube) that introduces this fascinating subject in a quite simple way.

I acknowledge the wonderful help of Martha A. Flat who introduced me to this path and always provides invaluable information about the future we are heading to. With her contribution, I am sure we will be able to share our new work “Max & family” with our audience in much more interesting ways for all!

I’ll be coming soon with more news!



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