Georgina & Mirlo – June 2017 Update

My last book “Cancionero de Mirlo” was launched and the presentation on Facebook LIVE gave me the opportunity to address my audiences refreshing my message, my passion for classical music as an educational tool. Following that session, I made a series of short videos you can watch below. They are in Spanish as are my related books…

Why tell stories with classical music to your babies?

Why tell operas to young children?

Moreover, with the information on the preferences of my audience (.. remember the survey?), I defined the media my works should be available preferably. I also considered the amount of time required and the expenses for production to be able to budget and plan my next steps accordingly. For nearly 20 years I have been doing everything on my own and I have followed my mission by myself despite all difficulties. There have been some rewarding moments so far but no financial incomes enough to keep on. Therefore I decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon as the last chance to get some help. Here I leave the series of videos I made for that purpose.

The page of Georgina & Mirlo on Patreon was published a few weeks ago… Unfortunately, so far the campaign is not going very well. Just two good friends of mine became patrons.

It surprises me though that this doesn’t seem to match the success and comments on the videos sharing the purpose of my work… I suppose it is easier to click a “like” button or to show your enthusiasm than to really pass to action and support a cause with a dollar/euro. Also, something might be wrong with my product? I don’t know really, but I can’t devote more time to refresh my old work which had its successful time in the past. I’m in real need to MOVE ON. 

Therefore Georgina & Mirlo are right now considering a farewell as we manage the sale of the remaining stock of the last edition of Cuéntame una Ópera collection of Books + CD.

I hope to come soon with the last news on this matter as well as with my projects for next season.

See you!


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