Spring has usually been a publishing month for me.

As I write these lines a new book “Cancionero de Mirlo” is on its way, following  “Al Encuentro de Mirlo” which I published last year.

Cancionero de Mirlo  will include the first stories from Operas I wrote to introduce a few favorite arias to my son when he was no older than 3 years old. At that time, I had them photocopied and we used to play some cassettes with my highlights’ selection.  But as I thought for Digital natives these new books should be also available online, I am uploading some of them as videos on my YouTube channel. I don’t especially like kids engaging with screens but I think it is also educational that they discover digital devices, sharing moments with their parents or educators with good quality contents that  are meaningful to them and educational.

So here I leave you my last 2 videos with the first tales from “Al Encuentro de Mirlo”.

I hope to come with some more announcements about my publishing activities before summer. All the best!

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