February 2017… Reaching you

Since I started this year focussing on my Transmedia project, I have been working on scripts and visual materials for my story… but “Transmedia” is all about sharing and exchanging experiences so that my story becomes OUR story. I therefore decided to launch a NEW FACEBOOK PAGE to be able to progress with my project with my friends and followers. And here is the link, so you can join us in this new adventure.


Moreover I couldn’t quit from editing, as up till now this has been my way to offer my educational contents to teachers, parents… so I am considering different media to update my works and I have set MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL with several playlists I thought could be usefull to my most loyal followers. Here you have it to have a look, subscribe and share if you like it.


By the way, this is my last video…

Hope you’ll like it… See you soon!

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