A new book!

This has been a very intense month. It was a long time since I hadn’t edited a book and at first going back to this task was a bit messy. But I finally made it and I could send the files to CreateSpace for my first self-published book: Al encuentro de Mirlo – Let’s Meet Mirlo.

My words in the back cover: “At last I am sharing the first stories I wrote for my son, when he started walking taking my hand. This is how we put names to great discoveries through all our senses. We received the caress of the sun and the breeze. Our garden got dressed in colors and colors in emotions. We then met our friend Mirlo and we learned how to listen attentively inside the silence.” Georgina

You can find this book on Amazon where I just refreshed my Author’s Page:

In March I will face a new challenge: launching my first course in Udemy on Listening to Music. I will bring some more news then.

Thank you for being there and keep in contact if you feel like it. You know you can find me in Facebook and Google+.

See you soon!

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