Welcome and thank you for being there!

Do you want to know what I am up to now?

I never stop researching, listening and discovering great music from my favorite composers. My everyday work includes writing, drawing, recording, editing… I am ready to do anything to help my work get to any person curious of classical music, and nowadays this means going Digital.

GOING DIGITAL is a great challenge I face full of hope and joy. If you have a look to WHO I AM and all MY BOOKS & MORE  in this webpage you already know I have lots of printed books, stories to tell, illustrations ready for their publication, designed games and even courses I could eventually teach online… but to succeed as a transmedia author I have to find collaborators who want to work with me helping others discover and enjoy classical music, a treasure that belongs to us all and we all deserve to know.

I am grateful to work with the best composers of all times as my Board of Contributors… do you feel like joining us? CONTACT me. 

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